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Antivirus System For Android™


Download and install this free antivirus tool, then relax and enjoy!Antivirus System offers protection against threats that target Android OS.
Get the best protection against harmful virus infections, trojans and suspicious files, including quick real time app scanning.
This free protection tool, is very lightweight. Doesn't overload traffic and its virus data base is continuously updated.
With just a few seconds scanner, you will protect your device and keep all your private data!
Feel confident to browse the web, as never before, aware of its vulnerabilities and threats!
This app will act as a virus tracker, boosting your device.
Astonishing Antivirus System features:
- Complete security and protection – strong virus detection- Resource usage - Protecting your Android device is important, but doing it while using as little resource and memory, is even better- Fantastic user interface – extremely user friendly, nice and well organized- Antivirus database updated regularly- Very lightweight and fast- Realtime security scanner - Scan installed apps, memory card content and new downloaded files- Suitable for any Android device- System cleaner- Completely free
Because we care, you'll be security aware!
Our Antivirus for Android System and devices is 100% Free on Google Play – Install it and feel finally safe!